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        ABOUT US

        Fujian Wanhong Textile Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of polyamide fiber (nylon) yarn. It adopts advanced Barmag spinning machines and EFK draw texturing machines, and strives to strengthen the ecological chemical fiber production process. The company is located in Hangkong Port Industrial Zone.,Hunan Town Changle City, Fujian,Province China. It was established in 2011 with registered capital of 350 million yuan, the land of 88667 square meters, modern and standard production plants, fully furnished staff apartments with canteen, library, gym, entertainment & activity center, and garden-style living environment.
        • In 2011


        • 20+


        • 100+

          sets of advanced equipment

        • 133+

          mu of land


        Product center ——

        Adopting the world advanced nylon production lines

        • DTY-105D-36F×2
        • FDY-70D-48F
        • H0Y-100D-36F
        • H0Y-100D-36F
        • Spandex core-spun yarn 420(140-140×2)
        • Twisted yarn 210D×2


        News and information ——


        For customers to provide quality products and services

        • HSCC
        • CTAMP
        • Jinjiang science and technology,
        • TOTAL
        • Oerlikon
        •  Zhejiang Huajian nylon Co., Ltd

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